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Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Severe toothaches, sharp pain when biting into food, and sensitivity to hot and cold beverages can all be signs you may need a root canal.root canal Recognizing the signs associated with needing a root canal is important for preserving the tooth. If you see the dentist as soon as you develop these signs or symptoms, a decayed or damaged tooth can potentially be saved through root canal therapy rather than be extracted. Dr. Kristine Morris is your Easton, MD, dentist for root canal therapy.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy can save your tooth from being extracted. There are different reasons why extraction of a tooth is sometimes necessary. For instance, when the pulpy interior of a tooth becomes infected, the infection can spread down through the root and form an abscess below. In some cases, such a tooth requires extraction. In other cases, an injury to the mouth can result in damage to the dental nerve of a tooth. When the dental nerve is damaged, nerve tissue dies. Dead nerve tissue can lead to an infection and the need for extraction.

When a tooth becomes infected due to an injury or inconsistent oral hygiene habits, decay can set in and the infection can spread to other areas of the mouth. It is possible to preserve and repair an infected tooth rather than pull it out. Root canal therapy strengthens and repairs infected and damaged teeth by removing infected areas and sealing them off with a dental filling. In this way, the root canal procedure is similar to the process of filing a cavity. The infected area is removed, thoroughly cleaned, and filled in.

Root Canal Signs

Sometimes symptoms such as a toothache or tooth sensitivity are actually signs you may need a root canal. If you do have any of the signs of needing a root canal, it is important that you see your Easton dentist as soon as possible. The sooner you see a dentist, the more likely it is your tooth can be preserved with root canal therapy rather than be extracted. Some of the signs you may need a root canal are:

  • A severe toothache
  • Sharp pain when biting into food
  • Severe pain inside the mouth
  • The sensation of constant pressure in the mouth
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold foods and liquids

Benefits of a Root Canal

There are several benefits to undergoing root canal therapy. Some of the major benefits of having a root canal include:

  • Avoiding tooth extraction
  • Preservation of a damaged or infected tooth
  • Stopping the spread of infection
  • Relief from oral pain and sensitivity
  • Strengthening a damaged or infected tooth
  • Restoring normal tooth functioning
  • The procedure is similar to filling a cavity

If you have developed any of the signs associated with the need for root canal therapy, see a dentist right away. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Morris, your Easton, MD, dentist for root canals, call the office at (410) 770-9211.

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