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The Long Term Benefits of Implants

Today's premiere tooth replacement option is the dental implant. If you have an upcoming extraction or have lost one or more teeth to dental implantsdecay, gum disease or oral trauma, don't hesitate to explore the many benefits of dental implants from your Easton dentist, Dr. Kristine Houck Morris. Dental implants look, feel and act just like natural teeth, and they last for decades. Could you benefit from dental implants in Easton?

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth. Made of a titanium metal screw or cylinder inserted into the jaw bone, the implant device accepts a metal alloy extension post and custom-made porcelain crown. Unlike traditional partial or full dentures or fixed bridgework, dental implants actually bond to the bone, strengthening it through a natural process called osseointegration. This bone-loving characteristic is unique to dental implants.

Who can receive dental implants in Easton?

Adults and older teenagers who have good oral health and strong systemic health usually qualify. Dr. Morris examines the patient's mouth, takes X-rays and other sophisticated kinds of imaging to determine candidacy. Sufficient jaw bone density is a must. However, bone augmentation procedures help the patient with thin bone.

The benefits of dental implants

Dental implants function and look just as natural teeth do. Biting and chewing are stable, speech is clear and aesthetics are remarkably realistic. In fact, patients say they truly cannot tell the difference between their implants and their real teeth.

In addition, every time a person bites and chews on a dental implant, osseointegration strengthens the bond to the jaw. No other tooth replacement option can do that as traditional prosthetics just set on top of the gums. Bone and gums always recede after extraction. Dental implants keep the natural shape and density of the jaw and gums intact.

Furthermore, implants last for decades and rarely require replacement. In fact, the International Congress of Oral Implantologists says that dental implants cannot decay and do not require neighboring teeth to anchor them in place. While dental implants initially cost more than partial dentures, for example, they can last a lifetime with proper care. Conventional bridges and dentures must be replaced after a decade or so.

Caring for implants is simple. Just brush and floss as usual, and see her for six-month exams and cleanings. Good oral hygiene and avoiding tobacco usage keeps the gums and bone around implants healthy, avoiding an infection called peri-implantitis, a real threat to implant retention.

Are you interested?

Dental implants may be the right choice for your smile gap. Please contact Dr. Morris' office staff in Easton, MD for a personal consultation to learn more. Call (410) 770-9211.

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