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Don't Ignore These Signs Of Gum Disease

Ignoring your dental hygiene and your dental health can have long term affects that can be difficult to reverse. While you might not have dental implantsbelieved it, gum disease can easily become a part of your life. There are many people that simply ignore the signs of gum disease believing that it will eventually go away. This is not the case and in time gum disease that is ignored can cause major health problems and even tooth loss. Your Easton, MD, dentist, Dr. Kristine Houck Morris, can help you to learn more about how to manage your gum disease.

Signs of Gum Disease To Look For

There are several signs of gum disease that you should be aware of such as:

· Redness and swelling of the gums that doesn’t go away

· Bleeding of the gums when touched, brushed or flossed

· Pain in the gums when eating, talking and at rest

· Gums that are pulling away from or reducing from the teeth

· Gums that are easily damaged with food

Experiencing these symptoms warrants contacting your dentist in Easton for further evaluation. These signs can start out slowly and less noticeable, but can quickly become a major problem leaving your teeth unprotected and vulnerable. Gum disease most often comes from poor dental hygiene leading to an excess of plague in the mouth. Treatment is available for gum disease and the sooner you seek help the more likely you will see successful results.

Don’t wait to see someone if you think you have gum disease. This will only make the situation worse and make it harder for a professional to help you. Seek help from your Easton, MD, dentist, Dr. Houck Morris, so that you can get on the road to recovery. Call us today at (410) 770-9211 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you get relief from pain and discomfort that can come with gum disease and save your teeth from potential damage.

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