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The Dental Implant Process

Implants can provide you with a stronger smile and improved oral health, but how exactly do they work? Dr. Kristine Houck Morris can explain dental implants for Easton, MD residents, and ensure that you fully understand the processes necessary for proper installation.

Step One: Consultation

Any serious dental surgery starts with a consultation. First, you'll sit down and talk with your dentist about implants that go directly into your jaw and fuse with your jawbone. You'll also get an x-ray or 3D image of your mouth and teeth to get a better idea of your implant needs. Then, if necessary, bone grafting may be discussed and planned to help weak jaws.

Step Two: Preparing for the Implant

If you replace a damaged tooth, your dentist will carefully remove it to prepare for the implant. You typically need a few weeks or so to recover after this removal. After this process, they can graft some bone to the implant area, if necessary. This grafting helps to support your jaw health and ensures that you have enough bone for the implant. 

Step Three: Adding the Implant

Next, your dentist can carefully insert the implant into your jaw after you have healed. This implant requires several months to heal before the final steps. During this time, you must treat any dental implants in Easton, MD, with proper dental care and visit your dental physician regularly to minimize any potential failure risks.

Step Four: Finishing Up

Once your implant is healed, your dentist will install an abutment and temporary crown, then finally install the permanent crown. Waiting periods are essential because your mouth and gums need time to heal correctly. Without this wait, there's a risk of complications or even implant infection and failure.

Learn More About Your Implants

Dr. Houck Morris has installed many dental implants in Easton, MD, over the years, and understands how to keep them healthy and strong. If you're interested in this process, please don't hesitate to call us at (410) 770-9211 to learn more about how we can help you. Our team will talk with you about this process and give you a better understanding of what to expect at every step of the way.

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