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The Benefits Of Tooth Colored Fillings

Have you noticed that you rarely see other people's dental work anymore? The change is due to the increasingly common use of tooth-colored fillings. The fillings, offered by your dentist in Easton, MD, Dr. Kristine Houck Morris, provide a more subtle approach to treating cavities.

Tooth-colored fillings offer a discreet way to restore teeth damaged by decay

Dentists use composite resin, a soft, flexible material comprised of powdered glass and plastic, to fill teeth after removing tooth decay. The material is tinted to match a variety of tooth shades, allowing the filled area to practically disappear from view.

After adding composite resin to your tooth, your Easton, MD, dentist uses a curing light to harden the material. Tooth-colored fillings are very durable and can stand up to years of biting and chewing.

A few advantages of tooth-colored fillings

In addition to offering cosmetic benefits, tooth-colored fillings also help strengthen your tooth after the decayed portion is removed. Removing decayed tooth structure, although it's an essential step in the filling process, weakens your tooth a little.

Composite resin bonds to your tooth enamel as it hardens, which strengthens the tooth. When a tooth is filled, your dentist must remove a small amount of healthy tooth structure surrounding the decayed portion. The larger the amount of tooth structure removed, the greater the risk that your tooth will weaken or break one day. With tooth-colored fillings, only a small amount of healthy structure must be removed.

Since the material your dentist uses to fill your tooth is the same shade of your teeth, large fillings won't make your teeth look darker.

Tooth-colored fillings also reduce the risk of cracks and breaks because they don't contract and expand when exposed to hot and cold foods and beverages. Constant expansion and contraction can weaken a tooth, increasing the risk of cracks and breaks. Fortunately, tooth damage will be much less likely to occur when you receive a tooth-colored filling in the Easton dental office.

The fillings are an excellent choice if you prefer fillings that are free of metals. They contain absolutely no metal and can be used in people of all ages.

Schedule an appointment with your Easton, MD, dentist today!

Tooth-colored fillings help you protect your smile subtly. Call your Easton, MD, dentist, Dr. Kristine Houck Morris, at (410) 770-9211 to schedule an appointment.

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