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Let Crowns Restore Your Smile

Dentists have used crowns for generations to restore cracked, decayed, and misshapen teeth. Today's crowns from your 0721866001555447445.jpgdentist in Easton, MD, Dr. Kristine Houck Morris, do the same, but with these differences—modern dental crowns are more lifelike, resilient, and long-lasting than ever before. If you believe a crown would help your smile, read on to learn more about the procedure and what it can do for you!

It's a fact

Cavities, injury, congenital problems—they all threaten the integrity of tooth structure. Sometimes, a simple filling is not enough to repair the damage, and extraction harms your personal appearance, oral function, and the position of remaining healthy teeth.

Your alternative can be a lifelike porcelain crown. Tooth-colored and shaped, a crown protects the part of your tooth which is still viable. Additionally, a well-crafted crown resembles its neighbors, so that cosmetically, your smile is just perfect!

Can you get a crown?

Dr. Houck Morris will determine your candidacy based on a thorough exam and X-rays. She'll also do digital or putty/tray impressions, both of the tooth and its neighbors, in order to create a negative imprint of your tooth. This information helps the dental lab fabricate your crown in just the right size, shape, and shade.

To install a crown, the dentist shapes your tooth with specialized tools. She then places a temporary cap over the tooth so that your smile looks and feels normal while you wait for the permanent crown. When it's ready, you'll come back to the office for a final tooth preparation before your dentist finally bonds your new restoration!

The American Dental Association cites other reasons for receiving dental crowns:

  1. Extensive decay and abscess
  2. Finishing root canal therapy
  3. Supporting bridgework which replaces one or more teeth
  4. Covering dental implants

Care is easy

If you're a good brusher and flosser, you'll do very well with your crown—just make sure to also attend twice yearly examinations and cleanings, and if you grind your teeth, wear a nighttime mouth guard. Additionally, while modern porcelain is very resilient, hard foods, such as candy apples, can chip it. So, watch the texture and hardness of what you consume, and your crown should last for many years!

Come see us

Dr. Kristine Houck Morris and her staff provide premier preventive, restorative, and cosmetic services in a patient-friendly environment. You'll be pleased with how your crown looks and feels. For a consultation on crowns or another service, call the office at (410) 770-9211.

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